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Every day I feel so down and weak. I love my dad so much I couldn't imagine that he's gone now. Next thing I knew we were gathered in his hospital room as he was dying. My My dad was MacGyver way before the television series. I had never felt so alone. William, 28 New York, USA My dad is one of the most charming men I ever met and still I remember that during my childhood I always wondered if he has drunk when he came home from work.

I can honestly say that my parents gave me everything they could. But he never made it to that day Sunday.

Short Paragraph about My Father – My Hero

He would do anything for our family. Now you guys probably have known already. At least he's been present throughout parts of my life, although distant and absent. My dad was tough; he could take all comers.

My father is one of the most important and respected people in my life. He was my rock, my inspiration, my motivator and an ever abundant source of unconditional love. His spirit is somewhere in the universe blessing anything and everything it encounters.

It's still so raw. My kids are 8 and 5. I love you dad and missing so much!!. He would have been My father is understanding, caring, and patient and he diligently listens to any ideas or issues we are facing and decides the best way to solve it. I feel so alone sometimes.

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Rubean, 26 My dad is slowly becoming a stranger. He had been there for our family for 5 years and spent every minute he could with us.

Though not everyone does. My father is one of the strongest people I know I remember when his brother died. Even the day before he collapsed and fell into a coma, I didn't speak nicely to him.

My mom left him and he went on to have and raise two more daughters with someone else. See a therapist weekly at my own expense 2. It was okay to reach out and ask for help. He was in palliative care since I had to work and was not able to assist him with enough care until my brother came back from his posting to give him a month at home.

P daddy forever in my heart by Sabrina 4 years ago I am 12 years old, my friend lost her father 2 months ago she is the elder sister in her family with 1 brother and 2 sister who are younger then her, her mother is about 30 years old, when her father died and she was like nothing has happened and in the morning when she wakes up she feels like her father is still on work to his office.

Anonymous My dad is loved by every one. I thank God for my Dad. Ok he was 83 but for the last seven years he fought to stay with us to look after us as only he knew how. I love and miss you DAD!!.

Anonymous My dad is dead and I miss him every day. Tyler, 32 My dad is unique and caring. He made mistakes, but I never wanted him to be sorry.

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My father took his own life. My heart cries for my dad and I think it always will. This was very hard to do and yet so easy as well. One cannot fathom the void from losing one's personal hero, until it happens. He loved me because he wanted to be my Dad, which makes it all the more special.

The Day My Dad Kicked Me Out For Being Gay Changed My Life Forever

This poem made me cry so much. The latest Tweets from Justin (@shitmydadsays). Author of Shit My Dad Says and, coming May 15th, my new book I Suck At Girls. My dad's in it, don't worry. This account is where I publish the shit that he saysAccount Status: Verified.

Main Street Buffalo, NY © Copyright All Rights Reserved | My Dad's | Web Design By Scout Buffalo. Facebook Instagram Yelp Instagram Yelp. My Dad, never planned a freeway, Never made a million, like some other guys. He hasn't any trophies, he never made Who's Who, But if you need his help there's not a thing he wouldn't do.

He doesn't play piano, or violin you know, Oh, but he can play a radio as good as any bro My Dad could beat up. Lottie is talking about her dad. Is her dad like yours? Watch and find out! If your dad isn’t in your life, Father’s Day is just one of many annual holidays that can cause unresolved emotions to bubble to the surface.

I know I’ve thought about contacting my estranged father over the holiday seasons, but even if I had his phone number, contacting him out of the blue.

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